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Channel Cuatro

Channel Cuatro acquired one interactive display with 100 inches, used for weather presentation and breaking news display.

The Spanish TV station Channel 4 did present, officially, on September 8 th, the new season. The changes go through reinforce of the informative contents, the beginning of entertainment shows and series and the launch of a kids magazine.

In the information area, the channel decided to make a bet in the new technologies, acquiring one DISPLAX™. The interactive display with 100 inches, two meters for one meter and half, is the second bigger installed in Europe.

This will be used as complement of the news and in the weather presentation, where it interactivity will be explored. The first public presentation was made during an interview to the leader of the spanish opposition, Mariano Rajoy.

The DISPLAX™ is making success in Spain. This is one of the reasons of the tremendous satisfaction of the client with the final result.