EDIGMA: the touch company é a líder no desenvolvimento de soluções e projectos interactivos baseados em multitoque e reconhecimento gestual.

Biggest interactive screen

The weather report on RTP is now displayed on a large format interactive window 130'' DISPLAX™.

Since the 5th of March, RTP brought back to its studios the weather professionals.

To achieve this, it installed the biggest interactive screen in Europe, with DISPLAX™ technology - touch detection, which allows a high precision touch and confers flexibility in the contents utilization and handling.

This technology allows information to be transmitted in a more interesting and interesting way to the viewer, as well as it allows a deeper technical information.

At the moment, the 130 inches screen will be viewed in the 'Bom Dia Portugal' and 'Portugal em Directo' TV shows, and it won't be limited to the information about weather previsions. The specialists will be able to register 'meteorological alerts' and explain the effects of climatic changes.

'We think that with this technology RTP guarantees a great credibility in the information it broadcasts and it is adapting in the best way to the energetic and environmental strategy of the European Union', explains Miguel Oliveira, CEO of Edigma.com.

RTP aims to sensitise the common citizen to the climatic changes that Earth has been suffering. Above all, its intention is to sensitise the citizens to the need to change their behaviour concerning energy and environment.