EDIGMA: the touch company é a líder no desenvolvimento de soluções e projectos interactivos baseados em multitoque e reconhecimento gestual.



DISPLAX Pad is a versatile multitouch display with modern design, cutting edge technology and customizable multiuser software.

After receiving this integrated solution, you’ll start enjoying an impactful multitouch experience in a matter of seconds.

  • All-in-one compact multitouch display
  • Modern seamless design
  • True multiuser experience
  • Plug and play
  • Entire system inside casing
  • Ready to hang: landscape or portrait
  • Software suite with several multitouch apps included
  • True and reliable multitouch technology
  • 10 independent touches
  • 40’’, 42’’, 47’’, 55’’ and 65’’ display sizes
  • Through glass touch (flat surface)
  • Excellent accuracy due to high number of sensing intersections
  • Full High Definition LED display
  • Facebook, Videos, Images, Browser, Catalog, Quiz and other multitouch apps
  • Carbon steel body, stainless steel trim and toughened front glass
  • Software suite with several multitouch apps included
  • Detection method: Projected Capacitive Multitouch Technology
  • Input method: Finger and gloved finger
  • Number of simultaneous touches: 10
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 8
  • PC: Intel NUC
  • Display sizes: 40’’, 42’’, 47’’, 55’’, 65’’
  • Resolution: 1920x1080 (Full HD)
  • Materials: toughened glass (Touch surface); stainless steel with micro textured finish (Trim); carbon steel with fine texture finish (Back)

DISPLAX is a trademark of EDIGMA