EDIGMA: the touch company é a líder no desenvolvimento de soluções e projectos interactivos baseados em multitoque e reconhecimento gestual.

Volvo Augmented Reality Configurator


All-new Volvo V40 release was going to be crucial to this car manufacturer. However, this model wouldn’t be available during its launch.

So, Volvo challenged Fuel and EDIGMA to turn this potential problem into an unrivaled success.
Relying on Fuel’s creativity and EDIGMA’s technological expertise, these two companies created an Augmented Reality Configurator, which went on roadshow to Colombo, CascaiShopping, NorteShopping and AlgarveShopping, from the beginning of July till the end of August.
With entertainment and social sharing always in mind, this interactive experience redefines the way new car models are presented to the public, setting a benchmark in the product launchings’ panorama!


Including six 47’’ LCDs with nearly imperceptible bezels, integrated with a motion sensor system, this interactive videowall performed an application that left no one indifferent.

In the idle mode, it showed a call-to-action message, as well as two promotional videos, in order to grab passers-by’s attention.
Then, when anyone approached, users were able to choose the car’s exterior color, alloy wheel and background scenery (beach, snow, city or countryside), turn on the headlights and wiper blades, open the front doors, trunk and hood and rotate the car.
In the final step of this configuration, people could take a photo next to the personalized car, and either get a printed copy, or post it on Volvo’s Facebook page.
And all this just through intuitive body movements!



Volvo Augmented Reality Configurator was nominated in the Most InAVative Live Event category of InAVation Awards 2013.

This prize is promoted by InAVate, a prestigious British magazine in the audiovisual, technology and interactivity sectors.




“All-new Volvo V40 release was the most significant landmark for Volvo Portugal brand in 2012. Being it a revolutionary model, a potential Volvo’s bestseller, we wanted to make a big impact with its presentation to the public, even before units of this model were available.
So, we had to figure out some creative way of astonishing people, make them create an emotional connection with the car, although it would not be physically present.
To surpass such a huge challenge, we asked Fuel to create the concept that, together with EDIGMA’s technological expertise, would deliver the engaging experience that we were craving for.
Resulting from the close collaboration between Volvo, Fuel and EDIGMA, we created an Augmented Reality Configurator that, during more than a month, was present in four of the greater influx shopping centers in Portugal.
This solution consisted of an interactive videowall, controlled by natural and intuitive human gestures, which allowed people to customize their own Volvo V40 and, afterwards, share their configurations through Facebook, or getting a printed photo of themselves next to the car.
In the end, we believe that, with this innovative campaign, we generated a significant word-of-mouth, promoted the model to our target audiences, and increased our brand awareness and goodwill. The right kick-off for such an important model for us!
In short, a fun, social and entertaining product launch, that fitted perfectly with such a cool, advanced and modern car!”

Aira de Mello
Head of Marketing and PR, Volvo Car Portugal