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AXE Apollo Lift


AXE always promoted outside-of-the-box campaigns to relate with irreverent youngsters, its main target audience. However, this February and March, it exceeded the level of stratosphere, with AXE Apollo Space Shuttle, a truly revolutionary brand activation!

To encourage applications for AXE Apollo Space Academy (worldwide competition that will take 22 people to Space), the lift of Praça Luís de Camões parking, in Lisbon, was transformed into a real Space Shuttle!


On the lift floor, there was an LED display that, as the lift rose, presented a hyper-realistic 3D video, with the route from Praça Luís de Camões to the Outer Space! This impactful visual effect, combined with the massive sound of a rocket lifting off, created a vertiginous sensation, to which no one was indifferent. The experience was so immersive, that you could even feel the cabin shaking!

Creativity and implementation were made by Nebula (creation of video and sound environment) and EDIGMA (installation of video and sound system, software integration), Brandkey was responsible for lift decoration, and project coordination was undertaken by Initiative and Ensemble, agencies of Mediabrands group.

Only in the first month of the campaign, 30.000 users have experienced the feeling of going to Space, helping AXE to gather 10.500 astronaut candidates and get 86.000 votes.

As the “icing on the cake”, this project won the Silver prize in the Alternative Campaign category of the prestigious Meios & Publicidade awards.



AXE Apollo lift was nominated in the Live Event category of InAVation Awards 2014.

This prize is promoted by InAVate, a renowned British magazine specialized in pro AV technology and integration.




“Integrating a video in a lift’s floor seems an easy task. It’s not.
Navigating bureaucracy and solve technical problems wouldn’t have been possible without EDIGMA.
Not only proved to be a flexible and reliable partner, was also creative whenever it was necessary to solve problems - and the truth is that we developed a project that everyone involved can be proud of, simply by looking at the reactions of travelers in AXE Shuttle.
After all, we took thousands of people into space!”

José Almeida
Digital Account Manager, IPG Mediabrands Portugal

“This innovative project had the crucial contribution of EDIGMA to create a different experience for the users, without mischaracterizing the environment and functionality of the facility used.
Despite plenty of reluctance and barriers of the parking space promoter to allow the implementation of this concept, EDIGMA managed to bring success to this brand activation, enabling AXE to daily interact with our fans in a striking and distinctive way.”

Hugo Bento
Brand Manager, AXE and Rexona (Unilever)